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T8DHC862B 8000 Series 8kg Heat Pump Dryer
T8DHC862B 8000 Series 8kg Heat Pump Dryer

T8DHC862B 8000 Series 8kg Heat Pump Dryer

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8kg Inverter heat pump dryer with 16 programs, 8 energy star rating, Woolmark Blue certification, time saving option and OptiSense automatic drying.

600w x 630d x 850h(mm)

Precise protection for your clothes

Programs in our unique AbsoluteCare System precisely control the movement and temperature of the drying drum. Woollens are kept flat against the drum to replicate flat drying. Outdoor garments are given just the right amount of heat to restore the full functionality of their waterproof membrane. Silks are held aloft in the cradle movement of the drum to protect from damage. Every fabric gets the right drum action and temperature to dry it completely whilst preserving their quality look and feel.

Safe, low temperatures

SensiDry heat pump technology dries with low temperatures and uses precise sensors to monitor the drying cycle. This ensures that fabrics are never subject to unnecessary heat meaning your clothes will keep the textures they had for longer.

Care for all your fabrics

ProSense technology uses advance humidity and temperature sensors to adjust the drying time and energy consumption to suit individual loads whether its a days or a weeks worth of drying. This saves time and energy whilst gently protecting the clothes that you love and wear every day.

The gentlest possible way to care for wool

The Woolmark Blue certification in drying will treat each item in the gentlest possible manner, meaning you can safely wash and dry all of your hand wash woollen garments.


Domestic warranty details (yrs) 5
Dryer Type Inverter heat pump
Capacity (Kg) 8
Wall mount option no


Total height (mm) 850
Total width (mm) 600
Total depth (mm) 630


Energy Star Rating 8
Energy consumption (KWhr/yr) 123


Type of controls electronic rotary,electronic touchscreen
Options available delay start,buzzer,dry plus,anti-crease,spun at RPM,eco,time save,extra silent,time dry
Type of display LCD
Fabric type selection cotton,synthetics,wool,silk


Reminder/ Indicators clean lint filter reminder,empty water container,end of cycle,buzzer,heat exchanger,time remaining,program duration,extra laundry dryness,anti-crease phase duration,spun at RPM,time dry,child lock
Functions power/on/off,start/pause,anti crease,clean filter reminder,buzzer,delay start,child lock,auto off,dry plus,spun at RPM,eco,time save,extra silent,time dry,clock,langauge,adjusting dryness sensing,reverse tumbling drum action,LED drum light


Drying Programs cotton,synthetic,jeans,woolens,extra dry,cupboard dry,iron dry,extra silent,bed linen,duvets,extra quick mixed,easy iron,silk,time,cupboard dry +,outdoor,wool
Degree of dryness extra,cupboard,iron dry,cupboard dry +


Dryer Lint filter position 2 filters in door & 1 in front
Buzzer end of cycle
Dryer Element watts 700
Dryer Safety thermostat heater yes
Noise level dBA 65


Cabinet Colour white
Cabinet material painted galvanized steel


Type XXL reversible door
Dryer Door colour silver