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Pro Series Gas Cooktop

ASKO HG1885SD Pro Series Gas Cooktop

When designing a new kitchen or upgrading an old one, it’s important to incorporate appliances that repay the investment. Amidst the excitement of purchasing new products, the big picture shouldn’t be forgotten, and choosing ovens and cooktops that work in sync is the best way to achieve optimum cooking output. Major kitchen appliance manufacturers such as ASKO provide adaptable product choices along with enduring quality to ensure kitchens are always stylish and contemporary.

The ASKO HG1885SD Pro Series Gas Cooktop is a classic example of Scandinavian styling for contemporary lifestyles. At 80cm wide, the HG1885SD Cooktop perfectly complements larger household ovens for vast home-cooked meal choices, while producing enough independent output to whip up a cooktop feast. The Fusion Volcano wok burner is an eye-catching and powerful addition, transforming the cooktop into a wok-inspired healthy meals assistant.

Why choose the HG1885SD Cooktop?

Versatility, durability, and functionality are harmoniously engineered using seamless stainless-steel, cast iron and removable single-component knobs and burners for easy cleaning and energy efficient cooking. ASKO cooktop options include the number and layout of burners, energy source, plus cooktop colour and size, along with individual burner output for energy-saving, tailored cooking. ASKO developers investigate utilitarian cooktop components for multifunctional usability, incorporating ergonomic principles, environmental sustainability, and fully recyclable components as significant ASKO attributes.

The idea for ASKO was conceived of more than 60 years ago, when a young Swedish farmer built his mother a superior, hard-wearing washing machine. Today, ASKO boasts a considerably larger operation from the same iconic location, retaining the same Scandinavian ethics of minimalist, innovative, and extremely appealing appliances. The ASKO HG1885SD Pro Series Gas Cooktop is seamless and attractive, drawing in cooking newcomers to experience contemporary cooking at its best. When home chefs choose the HG1885SD Cooktop, a whole new level of dining pleasure is ready to commence.


  • Surface material: Stainless steel
  • Wok burner easy switchable


  • Fusion Volcano wok burner
  • Triple gas ports for perfect control of simmer flame, outer flame and wok
  • Extra support for wok pots
  • Gas conversion set