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Asko OT8687S 600mm/60cm Electric Built-In Oven

ASKO OT8687S Craft Oven

Craft ovens hand control of the kitchen back to the chef. Times have changed, and oven innovations are required to re-establish the importance of home cooked meals. Busy lifestyles had reduced conventional ovens to mere kitchen ornaments or clunky obstacles best ignored, so ASKO designers have responded with a range of incredibly versatile and powerful craft ovens. The ASKO OT8687S Craft Oven can guide menu planning, establish optimum cook settings and even help clean up after meal preparation is complete.

In a time-poor society, convenience and versatility are essential. ASKO craft ovens are well-known internationally for their minimalist design and maximum cooking potential, with classy Scandinavian styling shining through in touch proofed stainless steel. A welcoming and productive kitchen is the true heart of a happy home, and an ASKO OT8687S Craft Oven ties the decor together in energy efficient style. ASKO ovens remain true to traditional Scandinavian ideals, while also taking chefs on a culinary quantum leap into the future.

ASKO oven innovations for contemporary kitchens

  • High-definition, sturdy digital control panel for easy oven navigation
  • Child-lock safety feature for busy and active households
  • Soft-close door system including automated stop/restart of the cooking program
  • Seventeen functions, programs and modes for achieving culinary perfection
  • ECO program for energy-efficient cooking
  • Multi-phase cooking and ‘auto roast’ mode
  • Aqua cleaning program to ensure the oven always looks great

Construction & Performance

  • XL cavity
  • Hot air convection
  • Grill
  • Large grill
  • Temperature range (°C): 30-275

Use & Flexibility

  • Usable oven volume: 73 l
  • Oven guides: Wire guides
  • Baking levels: 5
  • Number of trays and grids: 5
  • Shallow tray
  • Deep tray
  • Grill rack premium
  • Glass tray
  • Number of interior lights: 2

Interaction & Control

  • Digital display
  • Number of dials: 2
  • Jog dial
  • Multifunctional timer
  • Tailored programs and archieve