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Asko OT8687A 600mm/60cm Electric Built-In Oven

ASKO OT8687A Craft Oven

In addition, the ASKO OT8687A Craft Oven has seventeen different functions, programs and modes, plus ‘aqua cleaning’ for as-new maintenance. As soon as cooking commences, the many ASKO advantages become as clear as the interactive digital display. Tailored cooking programs can be showcased, including staged cooking, ECO cooking, and many other applications that are conveniently accessed. The ASKO OT8687A Craft Oven is sturdy, using integrated stainless steel, metal knobs and fixtures, and an XL capacity that easily accommodates both casual meal options and sumptuous feasts.

ASKO Craft Oven advantages

  • Hot air convection using the best wood fire oven principles
  • Interactive digital display with visual and audible prompts and guidance
  • Multifunctional, time-saving step cooking mode
  • Tailored cooking programs including personalised archive for saving favourites
  • Functions, programs and modes for 17 different oven applications
  • Removable oven door and glass for maintaining as-new condition
  • Safety features including kid-safe lockable controls

ASKO craft ovens allow users to personalise their cooking experience. Archived recipes are stored with cook-time and oven settings in place for automatic recovery, allowing chefs to focus on other tasks, or simply relax, while the oven supervises the cooking process.

Construction & Performance

  • XL cavity
  • Hot air convection
  • Grill
  • Large grill
  • Temperature range (°C): 30-275

Use & Flexibility

  • Usable oven volume: 73 l
  • Oven guides: Wire guides
  • Baking levels: 5
  • Number of trays and grids: 5
  • Shallow tray
  • Deep tray
  • Grill rack premium
  • Glass tray
  • Number of interior lights: 2

Interaction & Control

  • Digital display
  • Number of dials: 2
  • Jog dial
  • Multifunctional timer
  • Tailored programs and archieve