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ASKO OP8637A Pyrolytic Oven

ASKO OP8687S Craft Oven

ASKO oven design and development has resulted in numerous international awards and accolades. ASKO brand awareness has rapidly spread, resulting in enthusiastic uptake of minimalist Scandinavian oven designs into Australian kitchens. As a dedicated kitchen appliance specialist, ASKO retains its relevance as a craft oven designer, creating products that use the best modern technology for innovative, personalised cooking solutions. The ASKO OP8687S Craft Oven is part of the new generation, where simple, sleek and stylish design conceals remarkable cooking capacity.

ASKO craft ovens for form and function

Navigating modern ovens can be intimidating, but ASKO innovations make it easy. ASKO OP8687S Craft Oven function icons are illuminated in high definition, enticing users to explore the full potential. Oven functions include:

  • Precise adjustment of heating elements, grills and hot air for every type of cooking
  • Eco hot air mode for energy efficiency
  • Favourites and programs selections for meal planning and menu choices
  • Low heat utilisation for plate warming, defrosting and reheating
  • Automated pyrolysis (heat) and aqua systems for self-cleaning and maintenance
  • Child lock safety feature

Versatile ASKO OP8687S Craft Oven uses

With 18 different oven functions and fingertip control, ASKO craft oven users are spoilt for choice. Each function provides tailored heat and fan operation for programed menus, along with additional settings to add personal touches or save favourite recipes for convenient retrieval. ASKO ovens are both assistant and teacher, providing guidance and direction during every stage of cooking. ASKO OP8687S Craft Oven applications cover all culinary styles by using dedicated heat and fan settings.

Construction & Performance

  • XL cavity
  • Hot air convection
  • Grill
  • Large grill
  • Temperature range (°C): 30-275

Use & Flexibility

  • Usable oven volume: 71 l
  • Oven guides: 2 Level fully extendable guides with lock
  • Baking levels: 5
  • Number of trays and grids: 5
  • Shallow tray
  • Deep tray
  • Grill rack premium
  • Glass tray
  • Number of interior lights: 2

Interaction & Control

  • Digital display
  • Full colour display
  • Number of dials: 2
  • Multifunctional timer
  • Tailored programs and archieve