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ASKO OP8637A Pyrolytic Oven

ASKO OP8637A Pyrolytic Oven

Elegant ASKO ovens possess a whole lot more than just good looks. ASKO appliances are packed with multifunctional features that dramatically increase cooking options, along with precision engineered components for ease of use and exacting cooking procedures. ASKO ovens are multi-award winning, and the range of pyrolytic ovens is proof positive of their growing popularity. The ASKO OP8637A Pyrolytic Oven stands head and shoulders above the competition for versatility, durability, and value.

Why choose the OP8637A Oven?

A quick perusal of the ASKO oven range reveals a huge choice of appliances. ASKO developers create ovens for people from all walks of life with varying levels of cooking ability, so the products ultimately reflect personal style. ASKO ovens become kitchen assistants capable of sharing the cooking workload, and additional functions including pyrolytic cleaning enable further refinement of oven purchasing options.

Pyrolytic oven advantages

ASKO pyrolytic ovens are manufactured for optimum cooking capability. The additional advantages are noticed when cooking is complete and pyrolytic functions take over. Pyrolytic cleaning takes place at temperatures around 500°C to reduce grime to ashes. When the cleaning cycle finishes and the oven cools down, a quick wipe with a damp cloth will complete the procedure. The high temperatures required for cleaning also increase ASKO pyrolytic oven functionality in more ways.

  • Energy-efficient, faster cooking
  • Additional oven doors keep the oven hot and the kitchen cool
  • No scrubbing, scraping, harsh chemicals or cleaning agents
  • Diverse, multifunctional capabilities
  • An attractive appliance that is always clean and ready for use

Technical data

Consumption in standby mode 1 W
Energy class A
Oven consumption (conventional operation) 0,94 kWh
Oven consumption (venting operation) 0,9 kWh
Connection rating 3400 W
Frequency 50 Hz


Product dimensions (HxWxD) 59,7 × 59,5 × 54,6 cm
Weight net 41,3 kg