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AEG HKP65410XB Clearance Line
AEG HKP65410XB Clearance Line
AEG HKP65410XB Clearance Line

AEG HKP65410XB Clearance Line

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    • AutoMax

    Our AutoMax cooking function provides fantastic automatic zone control. After you have selected the AutoMax function, it will bring the zone up to the boil and will then reduce it to your pre-selected power level for the remainder of the cooking time.

    • Oko Timer

    The Öko Timer is an intelligent way for you to use your resources more efficiently. When you pre-set the cooking time on the cooktop, the timer works out precisely when to switch off in order to finish cooking the dish using the cooktops residual heat. The result? The same high quality food for lower energy bills.

    • Stop + Go

    The Stop+Go function gives you even greater control while cooking. When you suddenly need to interrupt your cooking, simply activate Stop+Go, and the function will switch all of the active zones to keep warm. When you are ready, touch the Stop+Go button again and all the zones return to their previous settings.

    • Induction Technology

    Induction cooktops offer maximum safety, automatic pot recognition ensures even if the hob is accidentally switched on, it will not heat up unless the wok is placed on the cooking zone. Induction cooktops are extremely easy to keep clean, the smooth ceramic surface can be wiped quickly, and spillages don't burn or bake on because the area surrounding the pan stays cool

    • Superior flexibility

    Cook anywhere with freezone.png The OptiZone induction cooktops are developed with cooking zones which detect pan presence and location and are not restricted to traditional circular zones. This allows for multiple pots of various sizes to be placed within a cooking zone, provided they come into contact with the induction crosshairs.

    • The ultimate in cooking flexibility

    Performance and Design Cookware.png The bridging function allows cookware to be placed across paired zones for a greater cooking surface*. The two zones share the same temperature and timer capability. * Please note cooking results can vary based on type of cookware and method of cooking

    • Extra efficient use of residual heat

    By monitoring each heat zone as it cools, the OptiHeat control helps you make the most efficient use of residual heat. The OptiHeat control advises 3 levels of residual heat - whether the heat zone is still hot enough to cook with, hot enough to keep food warm, or simply hot to touch.

    • Keep in control of your cooking

    Timing is everything - especially where cooking is concerned. With the CountUp timer, you can monitior the cooking process even more closely. The timer starts at zero and keeps counting until you stop or reset it, so you know exactly how long each stage of the cooking process is taking.

    • Function Control lock

    Controls can be locked for safety to prevent unwanted use of the cooktop, or locked while in use to prevent changes to the cooking selection.

    • Combine zones to cook more with FlexiBridge

    Activated by a dedicated touch key and seamlessly controlled through one control, FlexiBridge is perfect for cooking larger dishes.