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HIG1944MF Dual Fuel Cooktop
HIG1944MF Dual Fuel Cooktop

HIG1944MF Dual Fuel Cooktop

Regular price $4,199.00
Surface material: Black ceramic glass

ASKO HIG1944MF Gas Induction Cooktop

A visit to any progressive retailer will introduce users to an entirely new and evolving range of ASKO appliances. Traditional gas and electric cooktops and appliances are facing competition from magnetic induction products that showcase the wow factor. Innovative manufacturers such as ASKO take the technology one step further, combining the best of gas and induction cooking features in one ASKO HIG1944MF Gas Induction Cooktop. The results are there for all to see and taste.

Why choose the HIG1944MF Cooktop?

Every kitchen makeover is different, with personal taste at the forefront of considerations. Dedicated home chefs have their own style that is complemented by ASKO appliances, while newcomers to the culinary art require kitchen products that guide and assist the user. Cooking is much more complex these days, with boundless variety compared to typical Australian staple diets of last century, and ASKO ingenuity is ready to step in with innovative and responsive ovens, cooktops, microwaves and more.


  • Surface material: Black ceramic glass
  • Anodised frame
  • Wok burner easy switchable


  • Six Induction Auto programmes
  • Precise gas burner regulation
  • Fusion Volcano wok burner
  • High powered induction zones
  • Triple gas ports for perfect control of simmer flame, outer flame and wok
  • Extra support for wok pots
  • Bridge zones
  • Auto pan detection
  • Pause function
  • Individual timers: Five individual timers
  • Individual digital timers
  • 12 Power levels and boost