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Graphite Black Gas Cooktop 75 cm

ASKO HG1776AD Gas Cooktop

Stylish, responsive, and easy to use, the ASKO HG1776AD Gas Cooktop offers 75cm of cooking power, including the Fusion Volcano Wok Burner that generates targeted heat around the base of the pan. The graphite-black cooktop, with exceptionally hard enamel finish, is eye-catching and inventive, with easy-clean components, burners tailored for various cooking methods, and energy-efficiency guaranteed. ASKO gas cooktops are another step toward restaurant quality perfection in the home kitchen.

ASKO gas cooking advantages

Gas is considered a clean and affordable cooking option. When gas is burned it doesn’t result in smoke or impurities that affect breathing or air quality, and it is also considered a cheaper alternative to electricity in many situations. When combined with highly economical ASKO design principles, gas is conserved without sacrificing heat, and running costs are further reduced.


  • Surface material: Matt black enameled coating


  • Extra support for wok pots
  • Gas conversion set
  • Chef function