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The Whirlpool Brand in Australia is the symbolic representative of the spirit that drives and inspires us to be consistent with what we do best, making Home Appliances with advanced and intuitive technology to give our customers better than expected results every time.

This enormous success comes from an enduring brand vision that drives us to create a strong bond with all our consumers. This bond has been created and strengthened over the years by providing forward looking solutions that have partnered with our consumers in managing their home life well.


At the very core of our bond with our consumers, stands our brand vision, Creating Happier Homes

We constantly strive to make moments in our consumers’ everyday home life more enjoyable through our products, so that these moments lead to a lifetime of joyful experiences.


At Whirlpool we believe in the glory of making everyday count just the way every homemaker does. We believe that delight lies in getting the everyday tasks done beyond ones expectations.

We also believe that advance technology should always deliver superior performance. For isn’t that what technology is all about, surpass expectations every time and leave you with a sense of delight. At Whirlpool we are purposeful and never lose sight of what performance means and how it should be delivered. We design our Home Appliances with advanced technology which is intelligent, intuitive and innovative. Our Home Appliances provide an ever present assurance of better than expected results in everyday tasks at home. And when, one experiences this every time it simply makes moments in home life even more enjoyable. That’s what we believe in and that’s what we are committed to deliver, Whirlpool.